Gate-Leg Table

We've owned this gate-leg table for a couple of years now. Along with many other things its been hidden away in the back of the storage room gathering dust and cobwebs, waiting patiently until we had the time to complete it.

We brought it from a lady who had a huge barn full of furniture. Unbelievably, despite being covered in grime the barn was bone dry and borer free.... so this piece was in excellent condition.

A few of the joints were wobbly after years of use, but nothing a quick glue and clamp couldn't fix.

Its a beautiful and an excellent example of how vintage can be turned into something fresh and adorable. 

We selected a soft Voodoo Molly "Half Fairy Cream" for this.... which is a blend of half White Crystal and half Fairy Cream - our most popular commission colour actually. 

Its hard to tell on this photo but the paint finish has turned out lovely and the distressing is a bit more subtle than it looks. 

Ant x

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