Kauri Bedside Table

This C.1920s kauri bedside table was originally covered with super thick stubborn varnish, over a sickly pink red stain. We were able to remove the lacquer with a commercial grade stripper, but we were unable to remove the stain.....it was well and truly penetrated into the wood.

So the next best thing was to re-stain the top in a dark brown and paint the base, in this case Voodoo Molly "White Crystal"

Much better! 

The art deco decorative detailing on the front was damaged so we gently removed those, as well as the brittle art deco bakelite handles. The replacement vintage handles suits this very well though.

As you can see in the photo below the drawers have beautifully hand cut dovetail joints... and the warm glow of the kauri sides complement the fresh white nicely. 

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