Little cuties

I’ve been known to stop on the side of the road to pick up a nice piece of timber. Theres no shame in that… its all the the spirit of
frugalness recycling. And when I heard about some French packing crates up for grabs, well I grabbed!
20 mins a day of me getting my paws on this timber-of-awesome-ness I had my mind set on making some stools. And by-gum, now they’re stools-of-awesome-ness!
Place your order for cute stoolsStool in turquoise
This timber has the loveliest grain pattern…. Nothing like pallets and crates we make over here. I did nothing to prep this wood. After constructing the stools I slapped on the paint, sanded when it was dry and then buffed up with some dark wax.

Ant x

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