Masking hints

We had a lovely week in the workshop working on several non-white commissions. Approx 80% of our customers ask for white furniture... which is LOVELY but its great to get a splash of colour every now and then.

Occasionally we paint items with stripes, harlequin or chevron patterns. This involves drawing up lines and using masking tape. It also involves a colour other than white too!

This week we had 3 masking jobs to do so I thought I'd share a couple of masking techniques to help you to get clean, crisp lines yourself.

Masking hints

1. Use a low tack tape. Theres nothing worse than pulling the tape off along with several layers of paint.

2. Firmly press the edge of the masking tape so its completely adhered along the full length.

3. After masking repaint the base colour on again before before your second colour. This helps to seal in the masking edge and any bleed will be less noticeable.

4. Remove the tape when the second colour is still damp. If you remove the tape when its dry you might cause tiny chips along the paint line.

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